JaMia Vernette Hill

Day 1: 7/16/18

JaMia: I chose Nori and La’Daysha as my partners for this process because i believe our interests and personalities are similar as well as compatible. Although we knew we wanted our project to be centered around technology, we we didn’t know much else. Eventually we settled the topics of young people using technology to solve issues in their community. This topic was the best choice in my opinion because technology plays such a huge part in teenagers’ lives, but few use them to their fullest potential.

Day 2: 7/17/18

JaMia: After we had our topic down, the next thing we decided to work on was gathering data

To further educate ourselves. By looking through academic journals and instances of youth innovations, we were able to collect enough information to begin creating our cite. The goal of the website overall is not just to display the research we’ve found, but to encourage more teens to use technology’s resources to enact change.

Day 3: 7/18/18

Ja’Mia: Today, we finally started building our website! It’s exciting to see all our planning and hard work finally coming together. We plan to focus on the appearance and design of the site first, and then work on inserting the content. Seeing the progress of our project is motivating for us all.

Blog Post 4: 7/19/18

JaMia: Today was dedicated to finalizing our site, and mostly consisted of doing last minute editing to improve the content. This included making sure we cited all the sources used, as well as going more in-depth about our research topic—teens improving the community through technology. We were researching instances of different young innovators, and found four outstanding people that we really wanted to mention on our site. Their success, as well as ingenuity, made them great examples to show exactly what teens could be doing with technology if they put in the effort.

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