JaMia Vernette Hill

I knew my week was going to be short since I was missing the presentations of Saturday, so I tried to get as much work done as I could. At the beginning of the week, our main focus was completing our business website, so we could really start moving toward our Empowered sites. I think everyone was pretty excited to get a break from HTML.

We also broke into groups of 3-4 members, so we could get ready for our meeting with the entrepreneurs on Saturday. Aysha, Noriana, and I were given a business that was a resource for caretakers. The objective of each group was to redesign a website for the business owner, using the psychology between color and font choice.

And to wrap up my review of the week I’d like to take about my favorite speaker, Ms. Bishop. Her story was a complete inspiration. From her being a young immigrant and having to support her family, to earning a living by being a freelance photograph. Her drive and success shows that the sky is the limit.

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