JaMia Vernette Hill

I struggled a little this week, as far as my concentration with Treehouse. My momentum is definitely not as high as it was last Thursday, and I wish I could’ve worked a bit harder. I’m not sure if it’s because my sleep pattern has been off this week or if I was just really excited to start my website. Either way my progression was sort of a struggle these last few days.

Despite my struggles with Treehouse, my week was still really fun. The highlight was absolutely spending half the day decorating my cubicle, while everyone was already finished with theirs. Sometimes it feels like I’m a step behind everyone else, but regardless I’m glad I got it done. My cubicle finally feels like my own space and not just an area that was given to me. Everytime I look up and see my favorite musicians, or look to my left and see my family, my mood immediately improves.

I really enjoyed our last speaker of the week, Dr. Angelique Johnson. She was an highly accomplished, black CEO— much Ms. Fitzpatrick from last week. Her story inspired my, but her exercise when she told me to pitch my business idea motivated me. Her feedback and encouragement really made me feel like my goals are attainable. She was also really sweet in the fact she gave me a gift for participating.

Though this week wasn’t easy, it was really fun. It was Anjali ‘s last week with us, so it was nice to give her a going away party. And I’ll miss her, but I feel like I’m growing closer to the rest of the girls so my time here will still be amazing for the remaining five weeks.

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