JaMia Vernette Hill

Though Treehouse breaks down instructions well, the most challenging part is actually learning the information instead of just copying it.  It’s easy just to write whatever the instructor writes, but when you get tested it’s obvious that you don’t know as much as you thought you did. The best way I’ve found for me is to listen to the instructor and not look at his tutorial as a way to test your capabilities, as far as memorizing and learning the different HTML elements.

Though I wasn’t there for Eric’s presentation, I still gained a lot from the guest that I was able to meet—Brit Fitzpatrick. It’s inspirational to not only see a black woman as a successful entrepreneur, but especially a black woman for Louisville. Ms. Fitzpatrick was a wonderful, articiulate who honestly helped put this program into focus for me. Her journey made entrepreneurship seem, not as an impossible feat, but more as one that requires great persistence and hard work.

This week was interesting for me because I didn’t have much time to prepare for it. Coming right back from a vacation, and having already missed two days, I expected my first day at work to be tiring. And though I had to wake up early, my first day with Empowered was ultimately enjoyable and made me excited for the next day.

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